Tripod Turnstile TH-TT608

Item No.: TH-TT608
Applied to pedestrian passageway and automatic ticket sale and check management such as for government, enterprises and institutions, Intelligent Building, residential areas, scenic area venues, universities, kindergartens, station, leisure and entertainm


1)    DC electronic motor drive, photoelectric sensor

2)    Configuration: Mechanism, Housing, Control board and Power supply

3)    Operation Direction: Single/bi-direction

4)    Structure: Frame structure/stainless steel/cold sheet metal with paint

5)    Positive action to prevent two passengers at one time.

6)    3*120 degree stop

7)    Individual installation interface, easy to integrate with Magnetic card, Barcode, ID card, IC card etc.

8)    Access freely when the electricity is off, but arms won't drop down

9)    Stand alone or connect to the internet.

10) Maintenance Port: 2

11) Service Life: Ten years (non-consumable)

12) Anti-reverse: Have anti-reverse function in order to ensure one card for one person

13) Temperature:-10℃~60

14) Power:AC220V±10% 50Hz±4%

15) Humidity:5~95

16) Output:DC24VDC5V

17) Speed:25 people/minute

18) Power Consumption: Static state: single mechanism 20W; dynamic state: single mechanism 60W

19) Noise:50dB

20) Lane Width: 550~570mm

21) Interface Parameter: One RS232 interface, two card reader signals (Passive), one fire alarm interface.

22) Dimension: L*W*H: 767L x 415W x 1050Hmm

23) Protection property: IP42 for indoor

24) NET weight: 100KG

25)  Package: Wooden case