How to Operate ESD Turnstiles

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Author : Jack
Update time : 2023-08-20 16:52:36
We often receive inquiries from our overseas buyers who like to know how to simply operate ESD turnstiles.
It is quite easy  to operate our ESD turnstile if you read & follow our ESD USER MANUAL . However, I would like to make the following briefs which may help you a lot before operating the ESD turnstiles:

1. Wear an ESD wrist strap and approach the ESD turnstile 
2. Put on the electrostatic shoes and stand on the ESD testing footplate
3. Insert the ESD wrist strap plug into the grounding port on the turnstile.
4. Press the ESD tester with the fingers of the hand with the ESD wrist strap
5. The test result (Pass/No Pass) will be displayed on the display, and if passed, the ESD turnstile will be unlocked.
6. If the test fails, please check your wrist strap and static shoes.

Or please kindly followng the Chart below: