Flap Barrier Gate TH-FGB201

Item No.: TH-FBG201
Flap Barrier Gate System is a fast acting entry control barrie system; bi-directional, with flaps that open into its pedestal. Its solid defence structure is built for high frequency usage and heavy traffic flow.

Flap barrier, as the upgraded version of the tripod turnstile and swing barrier, is a hi-tech product for pedestrian access control. Flap barrier has features of precise craftsmanship.comprehensive functions and high technology. It has application in high class communities,intelligent buildings, hotels, subway stations and other high level venues Flap barrier is the combination of machinery, electronic, CPU control and variety of personal authentication identification technology. IC card, ID card, code bar, and fingerprint identification unit are compatible with the flap barrier. Choosing different identification equipment and applying reliable security protection devices, alarm devices direction indicator to realize the intelligent management of access control Flap barrier motor can be classified into single motor and double motors. The single one is used for single lane and the double one is used for multi-lanes.


Advanced Features

Feature: Special Designed Mechanism

A compact electric and mechanical design with unique drive which ensure product durability and silent operation, and its self-lock mechanism can also well protect the access control security.

Feature: Automatic Detection

Automatic detection for malfunctions, which will be convenient for customer to maintain and operate.

Feature: Available for All Access Control System

Input interface which are available for dry contact and switch signal connections. So customers can integrate the flap barrier with different system, like card reader, ticket system, token system etc.


Functions and Features

1. A compact electro-mechanical design with unique drive and a self-lock mechanism (no need regular gear clutch structure).

2. Automatic detection for malfunctions.

3. Input interface available for dry contact and switch signal connection.

4. Adjustable auto-delay closing

5. Infrared photocells for safety access

6. Alarm for unauthorized access and no access against passenger flow

7. Anti-reverse passing

8. Auto-closing when power on

9. Auto-open and free access when power off

10. Adjustable access directions.

11. No battery is needed.

12. Emergency interface available.

13. Traffic light indicating passenger access.


•  Dry contact relay with 12 volt or 24 volt pulse

•  Rs485, or Tcp-lp communication with computer



2.Unlock time: 0.2s ;                         

3.Pass rate: 35 person/min;

4.Pass width:≤550mm;

5.Input :  100V~240V;

6.Motor voltage: 24v;

7.Environment: -25~+70;               

8.Power consumption:150w;