Security Flap Barrier Gate TH-FGB202

Item No.: TH-FGB202
Flap Barrier Gate System is a fast acting entry control barrie
system; bi-directional, with flaps that open into its pedestal.
Its solid defence structure is built for high frequency usage and heavy traffic flow.

Flap barriers are designed to control pedestrian entering and exiting, adopts stainless steel #304, double brushed surface treatment, dust-proof, rustproof, rainproof design, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, easy to integrate with other read/write devices, and widely use for applications like stadium, apartment, gym, museum, station, library and factory etc.

Technical Parameters:

1. Configuration: Mechanism, Stainless steel housing, Control board, Power supply
2. Drive mode: Motor drive.
3. Access Modes: Locked; Remote control by computer; Authorized
4. Passing Speed: 30 people /minute in normal close mode; 60 people /minute in normal open mode

5. Noise:≤50DB
6. Lane width:≤550-600mm
7. Working state: Single or bi-direction
8. Status indicator: Allow passing through / Forbidden
9. Power: Input AC220±10%V 50HZ; output DC24V、DC12V、DC5V

10. Power Consumption: Static state: single core 30W; Dynamic state: single core 80W
11. Communication Interface: One Rs 232 interface, two card reader signals (Passive), one fire alarm interface.
12. Working Environment: Indoor, outdoor with rain frame
13. Temperature:-10
°C – 60 °C
14. Humidity:5%~90%
15. Maintenance Port: 2 units

16. Life span: More than three million continuously opening and closing
17. Overall Dimension: 1300L x 280W x 990H
18. Net Weight: Single core: 80kg (exclude control device); Double cores: 100KG (exclude control device)

19. IP grade: Ip42