Metro Flap Barrier Turnstile Gate TH-SGB205

Item No.: TH-FGB205
Flap Barrier Gate System is a fast acting entry control barrie
system; bi-directional, with flaps that open into its pedestal.
Its solid defence structure is built for high frequency usage and heavy traffic flow.

FLAP BARRIER GATE Indonesia  SGB205 offers a reliable and efficient method to ensure only authorized users are allowed access to each area of a building. A direction indicator showed that pedestrian access to the current status of, and guide pedestrian correct and smooth passage. These security turnstile are highly integrated for every access control system, such as face recognitiondevices, fingerprints, QR readers, RFID systems, etc.

The flap Barrier gate Indonesia  is constructed to control people entering or exiting the restricted area. It is usually used in high pedestrian traffic flow locations in both directions.The flap barrier casing is made of brushed 304 stainless steel which creates a seamless and nice entrance system to blend into most indoor environments.

We can provide OEM and ODM services. We also provide biometric devices, such as IC/ID card readers, fingerprint scanners, QR code scanners, face recognition cameras, and so on.For prcing or any other more information, please feel free to contact us.

Technical Parameters


1.  Size: 1200 * 280 * 980 mm (can be customized)

2. Lane width: 550 mm (can be customized)

3. Passing speed: 40 person/min

4. Power supply: 110 V/220 V

5. Driving Motor: 20 W

6. Gate Open Signal: Dry Contact/ Relay

7. Driving Motor: DC24V

8. Nice flap barrier gate Weight: 60 kg/pcs

9. Reliability of the mechanism: 3 million, no-fault

10. Casing Material: 304 stainless steel